Sept. 8, 2004: Hi!

Hello out there. I know I haven't been keeping up on posting new updates, and that's not changing today! I just thought that I'd share this pretty funny picture that I took while I was playing a video game.


May 31, 2004: Yay!!!
Well all of you few regulars have noticed that none of the links have been working, well I think I fixed that! Plus, the site will be straying away from characters with weapons and violence to a new, hopefully more humorous style. Check the characters section for one of these new characters. I also may start putting some random content on my site that has nothing to do with the Stevie-0 Zone. It's just part of the evolution of the site.


Feb. 25, 2004: New Stuff!!! Finally!!

Check out the 'Toons section for...a new cartoon!!! Also check out the downloads section after you see the new toon to download the techno beat featured in the toon.


Feb. 23, 2004: Back Up!!

Energy and motivation were at an all time low until a few days ago. With some encouragement, I decided to do something to the site. I fixed some problems with the layout and added the picture of Private Brett. I think I might add a character or two more, but that depends on how lazy I'm feeling. Keep watching for more toons and characters.