WarCraft the Motion Picture

Our Goal: That a Feature Length Movie be Produced
Based on the Popular Computer Game WarCraft

Welcome to the WarCraft the Motion Picture fan site.
Please let me know what you think of the idea of a WarCraft movie by signing the guestbook.
Or write to Blizzard. Their address is below. (They don't give out an e-mail address.)
Please remember that WarCraft is a game. Thanks. Have fun.

Petition to Blizzard for WarCraft movie(I am not associated but give my full support.)

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Links to other sites on the Web

Blizzard Entertainment: Creators of WarCraft and other games. Has links and game demos.

(This space reserved for the upcoming official WarCraft movie site.)

WarCraft Gaming Sites

(I'm looking for more gaming sites to link with.)

Fiction Sites

Quest for Fanfic: Has several WarCraft stories.

Check out this WarCraft2 story!!!

Fanfiction.net: Self publishing site.

Orc-centric Sites

Matthew Amt, Orc re-enactor. His work is really outstanding

Tolkien Monster Encyclopedia

Black Orc.com

3demonic: 3D monster artist

Dr. Vail Reese: Dermatology in the Cinema

Please also support the efforts of those asking for a movie made from "The Hobbit" Their site


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