Journey to the
Darkside of the Mind





Journey To The DarkSide Of The Mind
The Sone
Detroit After Dark
Mind Lite Cruise
Death Is Life
Saint Phillips Friend
Journey Hip Death Goddess
and more !!!

Steve Farmer and I had been talking for a number of years regarding a recording of various ideas he had with regard to a take off of the "Journey..." album. Steve wanted to record a new album having to do with the current Detroit music scene... He was into calling it "Journey to the Dark Side of the Mind".

Well eventually our schedules made this possible and I arranged for a number of guests / California musicians, and out to Los Angeles he arrived in January 1998.

Some of our guests included a Lithium Xmas and their version of "The Hip Death Goddess" as well as Robbie and Greg of "Sex with Lurch"!

Upon recording basic tracks, Steve then went back into the studio in Detroit with such notables as Rick Lober - original Amboy Dukes and the legendary drummer Johnny B. of Alice Cooper, Ronnie Montross, Steve Farmer's current lineup from "TheLectric Chairs".

The result is a superior album recorded and engineered by Victor Peraino who was instrumental in working with such figures as Arthur Brown, Hawkwind (Bob Calvert) and Brian Eno (Here Come the Warm Jetts).

Steve Farmer invites you to come along if you dare...
And take that "Journey to the Dark Side of [Your] Mind"!

-Michael Saint Thomas


  Artwork on this Poster/ Flyer and C.D. cover is
by the Legendary Detroit artist Gary Grimshaw.

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