Hi and welcome to Sandy & Steve's Durango page. We bought our "D" in September, 2000 after months of seeing them on the road and saying to each other,

those are so cool, we HAVE to have one!".

We loved our 2000 Flame Red Durango so much that in October of 2003 we bought a new 2003 Graphite SLT+. We're now one of the few 2 Durango families in the world!!
and additions
We joined the Durango Owners Club early in 2001 and are active in the local chapter. I was asked to take over chapter liaison responsibilities in July, 2001. I was the chapter liaison from July 2001 until March 2004. We have had many fun and exciting events with the PNWDOC chapter.

In July, 2001 I had the honor of being chosen as the
Durango Owner of The Month.
Have some fun and read about us and our D and after you join the club be sure to check out the D-zine with all it's great articles.

We really enjoy being part of this great club and meeting new friends.
If you have some time, please visit the
DOC page and browse. Visit the Forum and you will find lots of info about the D. If you own a Durango and would like to join the club, we would love to have you as a member.
Click on the thumbnail to see more pictures of our toys.
If one is good, two is better !!