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Steve is founder, programmer and president of makes TabTrax, tab player and tab to midi converter; the ultimate teaching tool for drummers and a great way to make drum accompaniments for guitar and bass. Go to  for more info and a FREE download.


Steve is also the author of "Building Thai Land", the essential guide to buying land and building a house in Thailand. Building Thai Land will be available to buy at or any fine book store in spring 2006.


Steve is also president and teacher of Programming In Paradise, Programming in Paradise teaches C++ computer programming and e-business class in the tropical island paradise of Ko Phangan, Thailand.


Based on the success of, Steve moved to Thailand to create new business ventures and enjoy life. Since moving to Thailand, Steve has written a book,  "Building Thai Land, The essential guide to buying land and building a house in Thailand", and is creating a Thai building related web portal.

TabTrax: Tab file converter/player and drum music editor

Instantly convert any drum tab to standard sheet music notation and playable MIDI music. Look, listen and learn from any tab, or create your own drum tracks with the best drum music editor, TabTrax!

Drummers can learn grooves, fills or whole songs from their favorite songs and artists by listening to drum tracks in isolation from the rest of the song, playing them back at any speed, looping on a measure, or overlaying an animated drum track synchronized to the original song (karaoke for drummers).

Guitarists and bassists can instantly create drum tracks to jam with from any song with a drum tab. No drumming or midi experience required, just download and play.

Composers can create original drum tracks or copy, paste and modify existing songs with the powerful, easy to use editor. TabTrax interfaces to most general midi synths and professional music production tools, such as Cubase, for studio quality sound and exports industry standard MIDI files.

TabTrax does not require a private format supporting only a hand full of songs. TabTrax reads ANY PLAIN TEXT DRUM TAB FILE. Choose from over 30,000 drum tabs available on the internet and version 2.0 will support the over 200,000 guitar, bass and drum tabs freely available today!

TabTrax is the ultimate drum teacher. For less than the cost of a 1 hour lesson, look, listen and learn the techniques of the world's greatest drummers. Better than a video or a book; TabTrax provides interactive playback and an infinite variety of songs and styles to learn from.

TabTrax is also the ultimate drum editor. Far easier to use and drummer friendly than other music editors that add drums as an after thought. TabTrax was developed by a drummer, for drummers.

Building Thai Land

Building Thai Land contains essential information for anyone contemplating buying or leasing land and building a house in Thailand. With this book, you will:

Building Thai Land follows the construction of the author’s 220m2 house in Ko Phangan, Thailand. Building Thai Land is meticulously researched and draws on expert legal and construction information from Thailand, America and Europe. Concepts, techniques and instructions are explained in simple, clear, and easy to understand language.

With over 120 photographs, 2D and 3D drawings, 2000 English/Thai words and phrases and 210 pages of must know information, Building Thai Land is your ultimate resource for buying land and building a house in Thailand.

Programming in Paradise

Learn C++ programming for Windows and Unix in Ko Phangan, Thailand

Learn C++ and MFC programming for Windows and UNIX, in the beautiful island paradise of Ko Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand.


Two, 5 day, intensive, hands-on classes, will teach you everything you need to know to build a robust, commercial quality Windows application program in C++ using Microsoft’s Visual C++. This is not a web programming class! C++ is the world’s number one programming language for desktop application development, including operating systems, database, graphics and games.


Programming in paradise is taught by Steve Haigh, President and Chief Programmer of; creator of TabTrax, the world’s most popular drum music teaching software.


Class size is limited to 8 students. Students should already have a basic understanding of programming in C/C++ or similar  languages, such as Javascript, PHP or Java. The class is taught in English only. Each day includes class and assisted lab time plus a lunch break to enjoy island life.


Because of the small class size, every class can be “tuned” to accommodate each individual student’s needs and experience level. Unlike other classes that simply regurgitate a C++ textbook, this is a hands-on, interactive learning experience.


By the end of the class, each student will have created a significant, high quality, object oriented, fully functional, windows application from scratch.


Quality, low cost accommodation can be arranged for your stay. Certification and references will be given to graduating students.


Limited time FREE bonus offer. Optional one day class on the Saturday following the programming class: “Creating and running a successful e-business.” Learn how to attract customers to your web site, set up payment options for products and services, protect your intellectual property, and much more. Learn from someone who has actually done it, not just read about it in books!


Turbo charge your hi-tech career at Programming In Paradise.