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Damian, Me, John


Mi familia ...the Hong clan - updated 7/07

Mi familia part 2 pictures continued - updated 8/08

Back in NYC, 2005 ...good to be home, fun with friends - updated 7/06

Work 1 ...adventures in Copenhagen, Tahoe, Colorado Springs, and NYC - updated 7/06

Work 2 ...adventures continued in Seoul, Sydney, and more NYC - updated 12/08

Other travels 1 ...Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence), Thailand (Bangkok), Sweden, Korea, Japan, UK (London), Singapore, and Canada (Montreal) - updated 08/05

Other travels 2 ...China (Beijing & Shanghai), Czech Republic (Prague), Poland (Krakow), Holland (Amsterdam), and Spain (Barcelona) - updated 9/07

Other travels 3 ...Mexico (Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Kozumel Island, Chichen Itza), and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) - updated 6/08

My roommates ...past and present - updated 3/02

Tribute good Penn people

Spring Fling ...sumo, joust, fun stuff

Artwork ...from a while back - updated 12/02

Former life - MLB ...professional baseball

Former life - Gasu album

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