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11/11/04:  Ok Folks, as you all may have noticed, we have been rather dormant the last couple of months, and that is all about to change.  We have a exciting new project that is under way with a new Club Exclusive Car that will be released when the membership drive begins!  Right now things are kinda under wraps and will remain so until the announcement.  I have begun running the new website and will soon hope to bring to you more for you all to look at.  Again we are always looking for more new people to join, chat and share all there knowledge of the Hot Wheels World!  I would like to welcome all of our new members that have stoped by the message board and hope to meet you all in person when we have our next meeting!!

3/21/04:  Our First meeting was a great sucess.  We are planing our next meeing for May 9th, site isnt firmyet but we will let you all know here when we know for sure.

3/13/2004:  Hey Everyone, Thanks to the efforts of Phil, we now have a deisgn for our first club car.  The Deora,  Check out the new car and be sure to drop Phil a line and tell him how cool it is.
Club Deora

3/9/2004: Hey Everyone, we now have a bulletin board setup. Here is the Address
NNEHW Bulletin Board Please sign up!

3/8/2004: We are setting up a links page for everyone to put there websites up for there HotWheels Page.  Please send your links to

3/1/2004: We have decided that the Third Sunday of every month will be our meeting date.  Our first meeting will be this March 21st at the Pizza Hut on the first floor of Target in the Phesant Lane Mall in Nashua.
Click here for a map
Meeting will be at 3:00pm.  Right no we are talking about setting up Tee- Shirts for everyone, and a newsletter, and maybe a raffle.

2/5/2004: Hey there Everyone! So far the group is starting off
good, and thing are looking so Exciting! Soon i hope that the
webpage will be able to offer you all some more. But for now its
just kinda here, so if you have some ideas of what you would
like to see let me know! stevelembree@yahoo.com

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