Property for sale by owner
82 acres of wooded recreational property for sale.  Located in west central Wisconsin 30 miles east of Black River Falls.   $150,000

Property consists of two acre parcel which connects property to Deer Island Road.  The south 40 which is higher abuts ridge line to the south and consists of mature oaks, maple, red and white pine, poplar and other species.  The northern 40, which contains 25 to 30% wet land, consists of mature red and black alder, birch, poplar, oak and maple trees.  Property adjoins large tract of county land to the north, wild game in area, rough grouse, sharp tail grouse, turkey, squirrel and deer.   Wolves and coyotes are also prevalent in the area.

Great location for hunting, hiking, X-skiing,snowmobiling, and ATV.
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For more information:
Call John Heller at 608-754-5084
(after 6:00 p.m.)
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