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The Sierra Blanca Dream.....

80 ACRES - 1/4 mile deep by 1/2 mile wide

Some friends and I purchased this land for camping, hunting, shooting guns, looking through telescopes at the moon and stars, hiking, and exploring the Chihuahuan desert. We originally had plans to go to Big Bend National Park for the Christmas of 1995. BUT the federal government shut down for a few weeks and all national parks as well. We looked for another spot, and fell in love with this area. We went hiking in other areas near the park, including Terlengua and Lajitas, and we slept under the stars and on the bank of the Rio Grande. The area makes you feel free and like a King - the master of your own Destiny.

We bought the 80 acres to build an earthship (a totally self-contained house). We could grow our own food, make Prickly-Pear wine, do a little ranching, and may be rent out a couple of rooms - kind of like a bed and breakfast, with an environmental spin.

Well - We still love the land; but, a few of my friends had financial problems others moved away. So I bought everyone out. I have since begun a family and driving in a car from Houston with small children.... Let's just say I don't have a lot of time to visit the land. I would like to sell it and help some one else with their dream. I am making an open offer to sell this land for $350 an acre ( subdivided) or $24,000 for the whole 80 acres ($300/acre). Camping is $5 per night per family. Contact me for terms for hunting.

I want to buy this land or I want to lease this land for hunting or I want to camp

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School Lands, Hudspeth Couty Texas
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