The Awesome Adventures of Steve
Real and Imagined
70 years in the making, this book is based on true and
not so true experiences by a father and son team.
Mal Kaser - co-author
During the great depression, Steve Kaser and three partners journeyed to New Mexico seeking a lost gold mine. Using Mack's (the instigator of this quest) map as their guide, they searched the area for weeks before giving up and returning home with only a story.
But Steve embellished it a wee bit.

If you like mystery, romance, adventure, religion, fantasy...then this story is a must read. It has it all!
See if you can pick out the true parts from fictional.
                          Cover illustration
                  "Map to the Lost Gold Mine"
                            STEVE KASER
  Inspired by his Dad's determination to complete and sell his masterpiece, Mal worked from over 1500 typewritten pages and assembled over a period of several years, a manuscript ready for publication.
   Steve had a few short stories and newspaper articles published, but did not live long enough to see his
book in print. Neither did his granddaughter, Diane, who took the first stab at this task.
   With a background in Insurance, Mal's possible writing skills would be attributed to his English teacher. Time will tell if he inherited her talents.
   Extensive travel by the authors contribute to some parts of this story sounding like a travelogue. Fellow travelers will not deem an apology neccessary.
   Come and experience thirty years of adventures with Stephen Mack, an Asian partner and his Hispanic sidekick.
   Raised by middle-class Black Christian parents, he and his friend Hernando have incredible luck after serving a hitch in the Navy.
   Near Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mack and his new friend Chollie, find pricless treasures making them millionaires. Chollie had helped Mack out of a life and death situation which led to the discovery of Montezuma's lost gold mine. Chollie, however, got lost in the caves and missed out on most of the riches.
   Mack courts and weds his childhood sweetheart which ends in disaster, so he concentrates on disposing of the treasures abroad. One of his trips results in the acquisition of a mega-yacht and a cruise to the island of Zanzibar where he meets the Sultan. Together they ventured to pull a downtrodden African nation out from under a Dictator's murderous grasp and convert it into a wealthy industrialized democracy. Adi Amin's terrorist reign in Uganda is terminated at the cost of thousands of lives.
   During the 70's, Mack manipulated the gold market allowing him to gain control of a trillion-dollar empire which he uses in his quest to gain a better life for minorities. Each mining expedition to achieve this goal was marked by many obstacles and challenges. Getting the gold marketed was an extraordinary achievement in itself.
   On board his yacht Medallion, enroute from Mexico, pirates attempt to steal the cargo of golden artifacts that Mack found in his mine while searching for his lost buddy, Chollie.
   Mack is blessed with outstanding attributes. God speaks to him in different ways and leads him to a scared place that has the ability to heal and cure believers and grant them wisdom and great intelligence. Even more astouding, Stephen has face to face visits with souls in heaven that God arranged.
   With his friend and bodyguard, Hernando, they have a near death encounter with another terrorist, Osama bin Laden and his protectorates. Thanks to their remarkable hovering aircraft, they complete their mission successfully and later, are involved in overturning terrorist Muslim leaders in another country.
   One of Mack's adventures result in meeting an African Princess that he pursues until she catches him, which then winds up with an international wedding and eventually, two sons.
   Adi Amin again enters the story as the kidnapper of Mack's family, which culminates with Hernando challenging him to a fight-to-the-finish for their release.
   Mack developed a keen interest in computers and their components leading to several inventions that are manufactured by his companies and sold throughout the world. Other inventions include supersonic hovering airplanes and a product that will curb global warming.
   This story ends with most of the characters from minority races achieving prominence locally and worldwide.


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