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     Bryan Faulkner. A man who hates the world. Why We don't know why. All we know is that he does. He hates; People, emus, technology, liberated women, women who wont clean up after him, Star Trek, losing, and Democrates. This is just a small sampleing of the things that he hates. The entire archive would be to immense.
This is the now famous poker shed. It is here that Bryan Faulkner spends his free time. Those of us who
come here hold it near to our hearts. Almost like......
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Bryan Says hey to all the yankees. And
Says that you are all bound for hell for attacking us in the 1800's. This is him before the great fire of '04 that almost cost us the shed.
Pyromaniac?   You decide.
Mad Scientist?
The Return!!! For the last year, the Pokershed has been just that! A POKER SHED. Texas Hold'em is the game boys and the stakes are high. Just last month after winning the championship, I was feasted at the all-you-can-eat chinese buffet, and got to watch Bryan drink a low-carb soda
and dance like the old man on the sixflags commercial.
To heck with Vegas, this is where the big boys play. 
    The poker shed was formed as a place for the guys to get together and play cards. But, now it has become something much more than that. It is a safe haven from the rest of the world. Stepping into the shed is like stepping into an alternate reality filled with dusty relics of a world that has moved on.
     Bryan is the primary member of the poker shed. He lives on the premisis. Then there is Joe Kirkpatrick. He is the secretary of all things involving poker. Then members that alternate their visitations are; Steve Marsh, and  Andy Beavers. There are several people who are regular visitors, but are not members. A new name could soon be added to the roster. He has an inclination for games and is sorta strange in more than one way. Perfect to be added. Can you guess who? Only time will tell if his moniker will be inscribed.
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Crazy Shed pics!
I bought a Sony Digital Camera! The Shed comes to the web in style!
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