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Steve McAtee with Shooting Star bass guitarist Ron Verlin; Blue Note Cafe; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; May 23, 1996 (above; photo by Robert Landrum); and with Kansas violinist/vocalist Robby Steinhardt; Scott Johnson's house/Kansas museum; Chesterton, Indiana, USA; October 10, 1997 (below; photo by Bob Fritsch)

Kansas is scheduled to perform in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA at the American Music Festival, Sept. 1-3. They perform on Friday at 9:30 p.m. The concert is free and it's right on the beach.

Hello, my good friends! I'm Steve McAtee, Kansas/Shooting Star fanatic extraordinaire and publisher of the Audio Confessions Kansas fan magazine! My primary goal with this page is to provide in depth analysis of the music that makes Kansas and Shooting Star the greatest 2 musical acts of all time, which I believe will be an excellent complement to the other Kansas/Shooting Star pages on the net today! Please remember, though, that the comments about the songs are strictly my opinions (or those of whoever wrote them) and should not offend anyone. Not all Kansas/Shooting Star fans agree on everything about the bands and we should be able to peacefully and respectfully disagree from time to time. Remember, the disagreements that we have as Kansas/Shooting Star fans are miniscule compared to the disagreements that we have with the mainstream music world! Also included is my radical plan to help overcome the dark forces of grunge, MTV, payola, format radio and the deaf mad men who comprise the bulk of the music industry and get Kansas back on the charts, where they belong, with their upcoming album! Check into the Kansan Liberation Army section for details on how you can play a part in this historic underground movement! Finally, I enthusiastically invite you, the Kansas/Shooting Star die-hards, to play a part in this page! I've decided to accept Kansas/Shooting Star/related analyses from you, the readers - even if the album/song that you're interested in analyziing for this page is already on here. Being that people often view the same things in different ways, I'm interested in getting alternative view points! Enjoy and visit the page often!

I'm also currently recording my debut album under the pseudonym Lec Zorn for release on June 16, 2007! If you love Kansas and Shooting Star, you'll likely love my music as well! Click here for The Official Lec Zorn Home Page!

The Music of Kansas 1974-75

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The Music of Shooting Star

The Music of Kerry Livgren/AD 1980-86

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The Music of Kerry Livgern/AD 1998-

The Music of Steve Walsh/Streets

The Music of Walsh/DiCola/Perry

The Music of John Elefante/Mastedon

The Music of Steve Morse/Dixie Dregs/Deep Purple

The Music of Steinhardt-Moon

The Music of David Ragsdale

The Music of Michael Gleason

The Music of Missouri

The Music of The Beckies

The Music of Dennis Laffoon/Power Glide

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