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1996, The Beginning

The Jock Jump was founded in 1996 by the original founding fathers who organized and participated.  Their leader, the honorable Troy Rumfelt concievde this notion and Juan Lopez initiated the crowd involvement that was estimated to be 50 screaming females (and about 8 guys who we didn't know and scared us very much) for the First Annual Jock Jump and was nearly doubled by the Second Annual Jock Jump.  the event is held on the Saturday night before a certain 2 days holiday during the fall semester, my email address is down toward the bottom of the screen if you would like the exact details.

This event began with 9 original competitors:
-Juan "the Cuban Missile'...              -Scott!
-Spencer "Lambchops"...              -Troy "Harry A$$"...
-Steve "Legs"...                           -'Lawrence'...
-Riley "the Beef"...                  -Roman "the Russian Stallion"...

and Ken "the missile"...
Awards Winners
The winner of the collegiate competetion was Steve "the Northern Michigan Nightmare"... His award was a "barrel" bought in his name by the winner of the entire event, 'Lawrence'...whom cleared an impressive 23ft. from 10 steps (he was limited to a 10 step approach to try and make the competition fair for all, it obviously didn't work).

1996 Picture Gallery


The top photo is the beginning of what we considered a descent turnout for the first ever Jock Jump. This is not all of the people that showed up, really, honest baby!

The bottom picture to the left shows the pioneers of the first ever Jock Jump.  This photo is taken annually and everyone has an opportunity to capture their heros together.  Individual and private sessions follow the group photo.


This is a picture of our whipped camera man for the First Jock Jump.  "Biggs" had a little girl from Kentucky, I think she was 12 or 13 years old and she forbid him to jump in his jock in front of thousands of screaming girls (numbers are accurate, honestly).  So, he was degraded to be the camera man and capture everything on video.  Copies are available for a mere $1,199.

A few traditions were established at the First Annual Jock Jump and are now engraved in the "Scriptures"
1. A moment of silence for the honorable Troy Rumfelt, out founder (well, this rule was actually established at the second annual, but whatever.
2.  Someone that is really shitty and not jumping must read the bio's before the jump.
3.  The order of participants goes from worst to best jumper.
4.  In accordance with rule 2, Steve "Legs"... will always jump first in the Jock Jump.


For information regarding competing in the Jock Jump yourself, click below for the application and contact email address...


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