Steven Moses 3-10-04
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Well, I'm a vary positive guy, that is open minded about a lot of things. I personaly am a zoophile, furry nudist, and in to social sex,(a naturest in every sence of the word), I'm BiSexual and a Libratarian.

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YIFF 2.5 M kinsey-1 P bi 8 Z bi 8 T bi 6 S 7 V bi 8 H 1 WIXXX Mg Rm Tn Av Op Ci Mr Or Pe

Ricks Cafe
Stalking Cat
Librertarian, zoophile, furry, fursuiter,
wepons, D&D, mideaval era, sailing, history, paranormal, crafts of varios sorts, lethersmithing, blacksmithing, any survivalist crafts, American Revelutionary era, constitutional fudimentalism, and those skills that alowed the forfather of this nation to be free and independent in their everyday lives and independent from the government and still nabers for the moste part.
My frends are mostely people I meet at Ricks Cafe furry parties(

As far as family...
My mother is home schooling my little sister. My father was an Orical consaltent I don't remeber what his job is now.  My brother is an IT guy.  I have a trans sexual sister M to F living in Taho who's alos a Wiccin.
I have a tabby cat, and my brother owns a Siberian Husky.
The cat is male, the dog female.
I'm a direct decendent of William T Sherman who was one of the three main generals for the union, Roger Sherman who signed the Declaration of Independence, and a secritary of Ulysses S. Grant who took a bullet for Grant and was rewarded with a hereditory Meddle of Honer (only one I know to exsist).
Mary Queen of Scots is in my famly tree some where, and I don't know what else.

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