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skin deep
Personally i hate websites about the people who build them. I also really hate hypocrisy. So if your head hasn't explosed with confusion by now... good for you. give yourself a sticker. if you dont know what im talking about go back to sleep. people are pretty when they sleep.

i think a heap and the original plan was to put a bunch of my thoughts on here, but it worked out more like i just put on a bunch of corney things just to fill a page. if you really want to know my thoughts ask me or get yourself a
livejournal and add me to your friends list. then ill add you and you can read my journal. i actually have a few livejournals. one of them is a strictly positive one where i only put in things i love and find happy. that one anyone can view but you'll have to ask for the address.

yes there are pictures of me here. there are naked pics of me on the net but you wont find them here sorry.

i like to think im creative but really i think i just like to ruin perfectly clean pieces of paper. you could call this art but i dont consider myself an artist*

i have gone to great depts of shallowness to make this site somewhat interesting but all it really is is stuff that i do to entertain myself. i wasnt an only child but i did always have to entertain myself while my big sister was doing all the crazy stuff that she did and i got dragged along to. (dancing, sport, rep sport and all sorts of things she did) i always found something fun to do. even if it was just watch the ballet practice and tell my sister who's doing it wrong when we got home.

oh and if poor spellenating and grama piss you off... unlucky.

i have a morbid sense of humour, so some/most of the stuff on this site you may not find funny even though thats what it is meant to be. so if you find yourself offended at any point, just laugh or something cos im not gunna care if you write me saying you had a cry. well i might care... but thats for you to work out.

*by artist i mean someone who draws for a living and does it well and could feel confident walking up to someone and saying 'hey im an artist'
this is where i go when im bored or in need of entertainment or am on the net and dont want to waste my 22c dial up charge just to find i have no mail
Our soccer team
Stick Figure Death Theatre
The site with no name
The Parking Lot is Full
Poli's ste. Commie Diving
if you find me interesting enough to want to talk/chat to feel free
warning: this site contains stuff about and by me. it does not contain everything about me cos i dont know everything about me, i dont know what id do if someone held a gun to my head. i like water so much i wish i could be water. when i grow up i want to be the ocean. when i die, i want to come back as the sea. you should also be warned that i usually only work on this site when im bored, therefore it is often bitter or angry, this is because i hate being bored which is emphasised by the fact i hate that when im bored i sometimes go on the internet in an attempt to reduce that bordom. i guess its like being beaten, and to make it hurt less you bang your head against the table with the fork on it. and often im tired while working on this, so a lot of it may be just stupid. so what im trying to say is im not really like this all the time... a lot of the time i am stupid and warped* but usually im just asleep or eating something which is a huge contradiction i know, oh and i dont usually spell check anything but my poems but you have been warned or something to that effect. did it have an effect? pfft. oh and i dont care if you hate my poetry cos the chances are that i hate it more than you. i have a thing for black hair

*conclusion based on the straightness of others around me.
im a damn good liar but i wont even pretend to care what you write in here, nor do i care if you dont, but go ahead, humour me.
ryan is a girly man
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