"one morning
I woke up
and I knew you were really gone."

                                                   - Crosby, Stills, and Nash, "Carry On"
(click here for a very beautiful version of this song)
in loving memory of
Pete Busch

A year has passed since we lost Pete, and every day I feel like I miss him more and more.  Our attempts to understand what happened have been frustrating, and our emotions have run the entire spectrum, but through it all our memories have become precious and our desire to cling tightly to our loved ones has been strengthened.

I'm hoping that time will continue to heal us. 

                                 Lots of love,    Steve K.
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Pete's one-year anniversary was a hard time for all of us.   While we think about Pete and his family every day, May 12 will always be a special day of reflection.   Pete's brother and sister-in-law visited the Flatbrook, and dedicated a small engraved stone in his memory.  Click here to see the stone.

During my last update, I accidentally removed the link to the
Flatbrook, where Pete's ashes were returned.

Friends and classmates at Elizabethtown College dedicated a touchstone to Pete's memory at the soccer fields where Pete played. 
Pete's brother Jeff took some photos of the stone, which you can see here.   If anyone else has any photos from that weekend, please send them to me (as low-resolution JPEG files, please!) and I'll post them on the site.

For those who were at the dedication ceremony, please consider contributing to
The Jack and Emma Busch Fund, Inc.  The address is:  The Jack and Emma Busch Fund, Inc., c/o Lisa Busch, 355 Auburn St, Wyckoff, NJ 07481.   This fund is a registered charity and your contributions will be tax-deductible.   If anyone has any questions about the trust fund, please send me an email (skane@ieee.org) and I'll forward it to the appropriate person.  Thanks to all who have sent in donations already!

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