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Hi everyone! Barenaked Ladies is my favorite band if you can't already tell by the title. :)  I've been a fanatic ever since I heard "One Week" on the radio.  I got "Stunt" and fell in love w/ their music and Steve. (hehe)  I got all their albums and every single I could find.  I love how no matter what mood you're in, there's a song for that mood.  Gordon is my fav BNL album and "What a Good Boy" and "Brian Wilson" are my fav songs.  I've been to 21 concerts (hopwdully more in the Fall) and they are awesome live!!  Steve's voice sometimes gives me chills!  Anyway, get comfy and take a look around! :)
Barenaked Ladies singing the National Anthem at a hockey game
Left to Right : Tyler, Ed, Steve and Jim
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