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For those of you who are frequently visting my homepage, the pages have been through a upgrade. Some of the older content has been removed. If there was something that interested you, drop me a mail at stevenadsouza at hotmail dot com and I would be happy to mail you the required content.

Image on the right shows myself. I have been working as a sofware consultant in Pune, India. Presently, I am seeking a Technical Project Management or Research work with an organization that can effectively use my knowledge and skills. To get more details on my professional and academic performance check my resume.

I also run a blog on I have been keeping track of many blogs for quite sometime now, however, I had no clue on how I could make best use of it. I didn't want this blog to be random ramblings of how I feel each day, or how I spent my day at work, nor did I want the blog to be used for sharing URL's that I go through everyday. I share my interest in many things and most prominently in programming. So finally I had created the blog and now I think I am prepared to dedicate myself to some content on it periodically. I have named this blog common sense programming.

I have compiled all content on this site into a single links page. The links page includes link to some software programs that I wrote just as a hobby, free source, funny stuff, philosophy... etc. Check it out!


steven a. d'souza

Last updated March 04, 2005.
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