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in order to make space on my PC, I decided to clear out all my unwanted n-track files. this involved going through a load of them and keeping any things which were recorded but never put up. due to difficulties I had in mixing this track down (a whole 2 years plus ago), it never saw the light of day- which was a shame- given its very strangeosity in the recording process and subsequent unlikeanythingelseonthesite-ness. kinda loses its way towards the end-but only because the beginning is so fucking excellent teeheehee.



well, its been a while.  and somebody has been listening to einstuerzende neubauten. a little crunchy taste of one of the auricular possibilities achievable when using a bottle of deodorant and a tin of sweets.

29.08.03 (2)

funnily enough, this marks the first appearance of an electrified guitar in any of these recorded works. started from a simple idea and kept expanding and growing. more sweet action, this time with tapping and scraping performances.



you know, now that I think back on this past month, I realise an awful lot has happened, and this piece of music pre-dates it all. it was recorded the day before my granddad died, so I guess this one is for him.


hmmm……basically discovered that my recording program has a built-in keyboard thing. to me, this sounds like something Captain Beefheart would do, but I wasn’t setting out to get that effect. I really like it, and there may be more fucking with keyboard thingy in future!



kinda nauseating- idea being two figures that start at opposite places and end where the other track started. produces a neither-here-nor-there effect which is the interesting part. extra ascending track added- and a descending one was supposed to be added too but I was told to stop making noise cause people are trying to sleep. idea sprung from 03-12-02 because the slidey thing which starts every bar of that is a track of a slide up 2 frets and a slide down the same two frets simultaneously. in truth, it took you longer to read this that listen to the damn track.



disjointed riff thing, jazz chords and the usual carton ending.



originally wanted this to be 1 minute long, but I was off by 6 seconds, as it turned out. that really matters. another sound layering experiment that culminated in my first guitar-induced blister. and now you know. 



various problems with computer (and the ascent into level 3 of education) mean that this is the first new work in ages. one of the rare rare appearances by my green/blue sextar.


experiment with using chorus line thru verse. I like it a lot, but ‘tis very short.


kind of companion-y piece to 04-04-02. same deal- quiet, short, melodically based, recorded at 2am……



originally had lyrics, but it sounded, for want of a better word, ‘finished’ without them. they didn’t fit either, I didn’t think.



something I always meant to put up, but wasn’t sure exactly how to record it onto mp3. in it’s original form, it was one of my favourites but in my procrastination and fiddling, I deleted one of the core important tracks to the piece, which royally pisses me off because I can still hear it in my head and it was quite good. tried imitating the track but I couldn’t, but I still like it a lot so it’s gonna go up. added keyboards and sent it on its way.



exercise in combining many tracks (10 on this one) into some kind of order. most of these pieces have no more than 3 or 4 tracks. just thought it’d be fun, ya know? 



this one took a bit of time to get right. some new ideas poking thru- expect some diverseness in times to come.



back after my winter break. 



the idea was to create a ‘50s tearjerker type deal. over the top lyrics, simple/overused guitar cheese thing. this was a demo- I shall revisiting and record this properly at some point but now you just got me laughing like a goofball at the end. ding told me to put this up, and I was thinking I wont, but then I thought ‘hey- I wont get the chance to properly do this in the foreseeable future, so I’ll just put it up :)



sound quality suffers a bit as it was recorded at a low volume, what with it being 2am and all :)



yeah, I like it. realised later that I’m heavily ‘borrowing’ from “molly’s lips”- a song nirvana covered for “incesticide” but I think it’s subtle and unintentional enough to not be arrested for. 

28-02-02 (2)

yeah- I was thinking of not putting this up but I’m glad it is going up. I like when I sound like I cant play guitar. and the second bit is really good methinks

ride my llama

cover country again- this time neil young gets honoured. “ride my llama” was on his 1979 album “rust never sleeps”, and a fine piece of strangeness it is too.


this is really “25-11-01” with some tracks added. david ding added his own electric guitar part over the original and sent it too me. I add another acoustic track and its done. too many cooks or many hands make light work?



from conception to recording to posting, this piece was a very quick process. I like this, even if the guitar for the second part (0.27) sounds a little fucky


this has been floating around for a while in some form or other. finally decided to record it- didn’t turn out exactly like I had wished, but that would involve nick drake playing guitar 2 and jimmy page playing mandolin. oh well.

17.01.02 (site created)


recorded w/some castanets that I got for christmas and with an appreciation for noize that I got from a friend and musical ally. thankyous to doireann and david.


this was always a favourite- despite the bad sounding second track w/all the mistakes. it’s the changey bit that I like- I tried to re-record the second track but I just couldn’t get it right. so I left it in, warts and all (lot of warts on these tracks- most stuff gets recorded once and then forgotten).


it must’ve been a cold day. cold and evil.