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 "Cadillac's are down at the end of the bat!"

-- Ralph Kiner, baseball player responding to why he doesn't choke up.

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A new Escalade is here! Hybrid is in stock! For Cadillac it only costs $3600 to upgrade. How about that, Hybrids! GM has invested lots of funds developing them. New SRX next year. The present Esclade's are much different, from the suspension all the way through. I have listed some of the new features you can look forward to in this new vehicle. I am going to put up new pictures this week. What a great vehicle! I wondered what they could do to make it better. We have always had great programs for the Escalade. My dealership Crest in Syracuse is the largest volume Escalade dealer in the North East. We have in stock right now.
Bold new Design This vehicle sports a new design and is more in vogue with the other Cadillac models. New Grill, New side trim, New rear trim, new suspension
Who are Escalade owners, could you be one? They are you highly motivated! Creative! Dedicated to what you do! Well educated! Successful! Professional! An Entrepreneur! Unafraid of obstacles in your path to success! Make no excuses for your success! A leader not just an employee! Then you may be a candidate for an Escalade.
Breathtaking Exterior styling New Grill and factory 22" wheels are available.
Best-in Class Quietness New sound absorbing materials, and manufacturing methods make it very quiet.
Comfort What else would you expect from a Cadillac, these are some of the most comfortable seats anywhere, very supportive, Nuance leather specially tanned for Cadillac. You need to touch this. The seats are heated and cooled. Also heated steering wheel. for cold mornings.
Bose Surround Sound Exclusive to Cadillac is the standard Bose 5.1 Discrete Surround Sound System with 10 speakers. Making all three rows very special.
Side curtain air bags for all three rows. This is an important addition and an advantage over the competition. Voice Assisted Navigation Radio, allows you to hear directional instructions over the radio speakers and/or on the 8" video screen. Voice recognition commands to help make changes while driving.
Power 6.2 V8 provides 403 horsepower and 417 lb.ft. of torque. 58 more than the previous Escalade, giving just a bit more economy on the road. 6 Speed Transmission electronically controlled that can be electronically adjusted for smoothness or power.
Electronic Stability control
Road Sensing Suspension
Remote vehicle Starter System
Rain-Sensing windshield Wipers
Power folding and tumbling 2nd row seats 3rd row is manual folding and tumble forward out of the way. Easily removed.
Heated washer solvent A wonderful feature that heats the water to clean the windshield from light ice, snow, dirt, or bugs. These will be available in the middle of next year. Dates seem to be changing regularly so, lets get a deposit and see how quickly we can get one for you.


 The Escalade is a great selling vehicle. I would have never guessed that it would be, and I was wrong. It is a very nice vehicle, it rides better than anything. It gets better gas mileage than I would have believed. Give me a call and lets take one out together. Steve

This is some of what Anne Fracacassa had to say in a recent article,
"... it's comfort are truly everything that Cadillac is known for."
Go to the Woman Motorist for the complete story.

Still a great selling vehicle, The Escalade continues to be the most powerful SUV in the world today - There will soon be new information for 2007 We are supposed to have some new things to talk about... So stay tuned.

From this same upscale heritage now comes the best of the best.  345- horsepower in a V-8 that was developed for the Corvette.  When you step on the accelerator, there is no hind of the size of this vehicle.  It moves with purpose.

And, will allow you to take along an trailer if you need tol.  You will not have to check the rear-view mirrors on long hills. Driving this SUV is as smooth and comfortable as any Cadillac made.

This is for people to ride in comfort. Ample amounts of wood and leather for a rich sophisticated look. It does stand a little taller, giving you plenty of room for cowboy hats,

and lots of shoulder room, greater than that of the Sedan Deville!
This vehicle will impress you with its quiet and smoothness. Isn't that what you want in a luxury car?   All I know is women love it!   It has a commanding view of the road,   featuring many personal items like Automatic climate control with three seperate zones, heated seats in the rear.
Rear passengers can entertain themselves with headphones on the BOSE Acustiass stereo audio system wit in-dash, single-load 6 disc CD changer with 11 speakers, Independent controls featuring the ability to listen to
different stations through 2 sets of Sony earphones with their own storage area. Providing the ability to listen to settings and stations other than the front. 

Inside the Escalade and EXT you will find there is a world of high technology and craftsmanship.
The Nuance leather front seats respond to your choice of 10 individual adjustments. Including the position of side bolster and lumbar support. Your preferred setting is memory-qued to the remote keyless entry fob.
The insturments are analog with sophisticated style of a premium Swiss watch. The steering wheel is wood-trimmed with fingertip controls for the audio system.  Even the second-row seats are heated as well as reclining up to 20 degrees.  Wonderful on those long trips. The third row of seats are adaptable to your needs, they can be folded out of the way, and can be easily removed.
    With 104.6 cubic feet of cargo space available to you,

is it any wonder people are choosing these over cars today.

You should try one.  I know you will love it.  Write or call me anytime and lets set a time when you can experience this for yourself.

Road-Sensing Suspension reads the road 1,000 times per second and adjusts the shock absorbers
thereby giving you a very smooth ride.

The Escalade EXT Utility Enhancement System allows the EXT to be converted
from 5-passenger seating with a 5'3'' cargo bed to 2-passenger seating with an 8'1"" cargo bed by
removing the midgate from behind the rear seats and folding the rear seats flat.The cargo area remains secure
with the 3-piece rigid cover in place, or the cover and the rear window may be removed for open air use.

Cadillac Escalade Spec. Sheet

Escalade Body Dimensions
Length -------------------------------- 198.9.7
Width --------------------------------- 78.9
Wheelbase ----------------------- 116.0
Height -------------------------------- 76.5
Front Track ------------------------ 65
Rear Track ------------------------- 66
Curb Weight ------------------------- 5641 lb
Fuel Tank---------------------------------- 26 Gallon

Interior Dimensions
Leg Room Front ------------------ 40.7
Hip Room Front ------------------- 61.4
Shoulder Room Front ----------- 65.2
Head Room Front ----------------40.7
Seating Capacity ---------------- 8
Luggage Compartment ---------------------------- 16.3 cu ft (seats up)

Dispacement ---------------------------------------------- 6.0 Liter
Horsepower ------------------------------------------------- 403 bhp @ 5200 rpm
Torque -------------------------------------------------------- 380 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Transmission --------------------------------- 6 speed Automatic Full Time AWD


Zero to 60 mph ------------------------------- 8.4 sec.(est)

Stay tuned.

Key Benefits

This is a Cadillac in every way ! Just take not of the following :
Benefit 1 Exhilarating performance, keeps a smile from ear to ear.
Benefit 2 Pride of Ownership! The most desired SUV in the World.
Benefit 3 Smooth luxurous ride, Majestic in its nature.
Benefit 4 You have worked hard for what you have, why not reward yourself, You've earned it.

You feel so good you can not believe it.

Are you looking for an Escalade? This is a good place. Call or drop me a line.

Escalade & Competitive Specifications

                                        Escalade                Lincoln Navigator

Length                                198.9                        206                             

Height                                   76.5                        77.8                             

Weight                                5641                        5994                            

Shoulder room                      65.2                        63.3                             

Head room ( front )               40.7                        39.6                            

Leg Room (front)                  41.3                         41.1                           

Seating capacity                        8                            8                                 

Cargo volume                      104.6                      104.7                           


Horsepower                        345                            300                           

Drive System        Full-Time AWD            4WD-Selectable           

Economy                    12city/16highway             11/16                           

Some other factors about the Escalade:
8-passneger seating, Standard, gives you room for the family.
Heated seats, front and second-row, standard, great for this winter
Tri-zone climate control, allowing the passengers to set their own comfort level, standard
Onstar, giving emergency service and location, stolen vehicle tracking
XM Satellite Radio, available on any vehicle, for the best in sound.
Power adjustable pedels, allowing you to taylor the driving position better
Steering Wheel touch controls, for safe driving, no looking around for swithches
High Intensity Discharge headlamps, standard, helps you see at night
Road-sensing suspension, standard, for a smooth ride, not offered anywhere else.
Side Air Bags, standard, for increased safety
Traction Control, standard, come in and try it in the snow.
Ultrasonic Rear parking assist, standard, makes parking a breeze.
Lower overall vehicle height, you can put it in the garage.
Lots of power, 345 HP, makes driving easy
JD Power and Associates rates it as "Most appealing Luxury SUV."
Kiplinger's best Large SUV.

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