Steven F. Paul
"January 18, 1951 to December 19, 2002"

By: Michael Rice and Neil Weiss

Steven F. Paul


Steven F. Paul
Steven F. Paul
"Jan. 18, 1951 - Dec. 19, 2002"

For those who knew Steven F. Paul well, December 19, 2002 was a day that was tragic beyond words. He touched so many of us with his sense of humor, his positive attitude, his warmth, his honesty, and his genuine concern for those around him. Steve was a devoted father to John, Jennifer, Justin and Jaime-Lin, a loving husband to Linda, a friend to so many of us, an icon in the ground transportation industry, a leader in the Long Island business community, and a decorated Vietnam War veteran who served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps. We all suffered a terrible loss the night he went to bed and died peacefully in his sleep.

Steve Paul, the founder and president of the highly successful, Long Island based Tran-Star Executive Transportation Services, started in the ground transportation industry in 1966 as a dispatcher for a taxicab company, transitioning shortly thereafter into the livery industry. He worked at every level of operations and management, learning the business inside and out, redefining professionalism along the way. He was a pioneer of safety programs, conducting extensive driver training courses well before it became the industry norm. He helped shape responsible legislation for his local municipality and served as a founding member of the Babylon Taxicab and Limousine Commission. He was a consultant who delivered valuable, no-nonsense seminars at trade shows and association meetings throughout the country. He was a frequent contributor to Limousine Digest magazine and a member of the publication's Advisory Board. He was an active member of the National Limousine Association and served on the Limousine Steering Committee for the Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association. He founded an international network of elite operators called TEINETCO. And most recently, his efforts and dedication were recognized when Tran-Star Executive Transportation was named "Large Operator of the Year" at the 2002 Limo Digest Show this past November.

Steven F. Paul was a success on so many levels. But more than that, he was, to put it bluntly, a hell of a good guy, someone you could count on to offer a helping hand when you needed it or a kick in the butt, for that matter, if that's what was called for. His unexpected and tragic passing has shaken our resolve, caused us to examine our own lives and left us asking, "Why?" But, as Steve would have demanded of each of us, we must "Stay strong and persevere."

Steve, you are missed, but your memory lives on!

"May He Rest in Eternal Peace"

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