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Stag Elk
Last Updated: November 2001
Ted Nugent's United Sportsmen of America

As you know, September started off a little shaky, but we were determined to make the most of it, in spite of the deplorable circumstances.

It was my fiance's first season as an active hunter and we both applied for buck and doe tags, and she for an elk, hoping for the best.  Much to our surprise, we were allowed all but the elk, for which we would later purchase a general season tag.

Buck season began first, near the end of September.By nightfall of opening day, we were in full swing, despite the late start...

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**Hunting Season 2001**
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Click here to contact us
Controlled Hunt Application Deadlines:
Spring Black Bear--February 10
All others--May 15

ALL Tag Sale Deadlines --Day before season opens
Oregon Big Game Regulations 2002
from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Resident License Information 2002
Combination angling & hunting license: $33.75

Controlled hunt application:  $4.50

Disabled War Veteran-angling & hunting:  free*

Hunting License: $17.50

Juvenile small game & bird license:  $4.50

Pioneer angling/hunting license-65 yrs. old AND 50 years Oregon Resident: free*

Senior Citizen's hunting license-70 years old AND 5 years Oregon Resident: $8.50

Senior Citizen combination angling & hunting license-70 years old AND 5 years Oregon Resident: $16.50

Sports Pack: $105
Information supplied applicable only in Oregon
* Issued ONLY by Oregon Dept. of Fish/Wildlife
For Resident/Non-Resident Tag fees, Non-Resident applications and license fees
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