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My passion in life is Mexican Culture and Mexican Folkloric Dance
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        This is it.  You have reached the homepage of the only Steven Joseph KoneffKlatt the world has ever known.  I will start by saying if you are reading this than you are truly bored because there is nothing at all interesting about me and my life. 
Mexico has many different regions or states, like the U.S.  These regions have very different dance forms and styles historically.  Generally, Mexico can be divided into specific styles of dance based on regional lifestyle.  For example, in the Northern Region or El Norte the polka, as depicted below, is a popular dance form as interpreted by my friend, Silvia Salcedo, and myself.
Las Adelitas, this is the Second Company interpreting the life of female soldiers fighting for freedom and fighting side by side with the male soldiers during the Revolution of the early 1900's.
This is my friend Gabino Camba, an excellent dancer, performing the traditional Deer Dance of the Yaqui people of Sonora, Mexico.
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