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Those of you who believe in destiny will Love this one!!!  Let's turn back time to 1970.   Steve and I were hooked up by my cousin and from the get go we hit it off great.   Back then we were only 15 and 16 years old but we had something special that lasted 18 months which for a 15 year old seems like eternity!  Then the inevitable hit....I lived in Texas and he lived in Louisiana and long distance things are real hard to keep going so we went our separate ways.  Little did I know that our Love would never truly die.

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The years passed.  I married 3 times, always searching for the true Love of my life and never finding it.   Then in May of 2000 I got an email one day from Steve!!! WOW!!! He had found me from my High School Alumni website I had registered with.  It was like a flash back to the past.  It was so wonderful to be in touch with him again!!! I had just left my husband of 14 years and I found out that he was single also.  One thing led to another and SHAZAM!!! Here I am in Louisiana back with the man I should have been with the past 30 years!!!  He had never forgotten me thank God!!!  I feel a peace that I have never felt before in my life.  Below is a poem he sent me in email that I think sums up how we both feel.

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Once upon a time, in a land of fairy tales and dreams,

There lived a little princess, just as pretty as could be.

She had a little pony that she kept by her side

And everytime she walked with him, she knew that she would cry.

For the princess was lonely and wanted a true love,

Someone that she could call her own, until the very end.

Many friends would come and go, but none of them were true,

The princess thought her life was destined to be blue.

Then one day she met a boy, just as sweet as he could be,

But the princess thought, he's not the one for me.

He was much too kind, too nice, too tender of the heart.

She knew for sure in time, she would leave him and depart.

She continued on her quest and searched everywhere she could,

But all she ever found were cold, hard men made of wood.

Not one of them were sweet or kind in any way

She slowly began to regret the one that got away.

She tried to forget him but his memory wouldn't die

And late at night she'd search for him and try not to cry.

But, alas, her search for him ran out

It seemed no-one had heard from him and he was not about.

The sad and lonely princess returned from whence she came.

Brokenhearted and lonely, she felt forgotten and ashamed.

She had lost the only one who had ever loved her true

And to put it rather simply, she didn't know what to do...

She went on with her life, much the same as before

When many years later a knock fell on the door.

With weary eyes and a broken heart she peeked out through the glass

And the person she saw standing there simply made her gasp.

He had returned to her, the one she left behind

The princess didn't know what to do, her heart was in a bind.

Should she stay and allow him in, or run away and hide?

She'd fallen down so many times, she'd forgotten how to ride.

With her heart in her chest beating loud and true

She gazed into his eyes and said "Oh my God it's you".

His name was poised upon her lips as he covered them with his

He pulled her into his arms and gave a gentle kiss.

Not knowing what to say or exactly how to react

She tried to pull her heart away, but he just pulled it back.

She tossed and she turned in a wilderness of dreams

She wondered if he could still be as true as he seemed.

He refused to let her go this time; he had waited far too long

He wouldn't let her push away, he knew where she belonged.

He held her in his arms at last, he had finally broken through

And that was when she knew she was in her fairy tale come true.

OK, I don't know about you, but I am melting now!!!  Here are some pics of us together now in  2000.   Time may change looks but the heart stays the same

Hey y'all!!.... it DID happen!!! We were married December 30, 2000.

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