I try to find and search for exchanger in other countries and list them for
your convenience :

INDIA : http://www.wmcards.com/0-e-gold-offshore.htm

CHINA , Hong Kong : http://www.asianagold.com/

RUSSIA : http://www.russervice.de/ver2/index.php

IRAN: http://www.iran-egold.persianblog.com/

NetPay: http://www.netpay.tv
This site provides a debit card internationally. Once you have a card with
them, you can transfer your E-gold money to that card and then withdraw
cash using an ATM at any country in the world.

IceGold :  http://www.icegold.com
Redeem your money, any country, by a bank wire.

GoldNow : http://www.goldnow.st
Exchange between E-gold, EVOcash, GoldMoney or e-Bullion currencies.