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Age 50
Father of 2
Chemical Plant Shift Supervisor

Steve's Place
Two children... a daughter and a son .. see the picture below


A friend walks in when the world walks out.
I enjoy music.. METAL!.. I am a long time Black Sabbath (that's Psycho Man Playing Now!) fan and really love Ozzy.... but I also  love the new stuff! I like Black Label Society... or anyplace else Zakk happens to be at the time!! I also listen to Korn, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Kilgore and Sevendust.
I love spending time with my wife and  kids (concert anyone??).... and also enjoy movies. I like reading Stephen King Books too!
Page 2.. just for fun!
At Pat O's for my birthday August 2000. Mel, Lori, Me, Tisha and Darren
Artists and BANDS!!!!
Zakk Wylde
Four Generations.. Me, Mom Tony and Tony's Daughter.... Ayana
Black Sabbath
68 Rouge
Steve an Lori's Page
2001 Vacation Picture
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