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ThiS iS My Own PeRsOnaL weBsItE

AlL mY fELlOW SpOrtS lEaDerS

PhOtOs oF me And My FriEndS gOiNg oN OuTInG

*My trIp tO shAnDoNg

*My BirThDaE CelEBrAIoN(8April06)

*My OBS TrIp(5 june - 9 june 2006)

MY ClaSs

Well basically there is nothing much about me..
I am juz like any other human living in this so call Earth..
For me,i loves sports.i can play all day getting sunburn all the times..
that is why i am so dark..To me shopping is my most dreadful task..
half an hour of that would kiil mi!i Study in a school call
Yuan Ching Secondary I really like that school a lot having made
so much friends and the teacher are kind
i am a member of the badminton club and also the SporT Leader group
which is to organise events that are related to Sport
I am never good at Studies compared to my sisters..i feel so
Lousy..Both of them are in university and i am not even sure
if i can go poly or not... Anyway hope you will enjoy my Newly made website