Rock and Roll Martian.


Grab a copy of Electric Jacobs before it gets stale. First track on Isaac Jacobs 3. (Oh wait, it got stale a long time ago.) The new album is finished! Only took two years from the time it was recorded to the time it was published.

So I'm considering this, not seriously, but I could release another EP of moldy old material. Not traditional songs, but I have this 28 minute jam, if you wanna call it that, that's pretty neat in some places. Someone should holler at me and tell me one way or the other if releasing it is a good idea.

Also, over on ThePirateBay, you can grab a torrent containing my entire discography. 8-). I'm at work right now, and would rather not visit the site here in order to get a direct link, but let me assure you that since I made the recordings, you have my blessing to download them without penalty. I am in no way affiliated with the RIAA. Download, listen share. You are pirating nothing when you download my music.


Dis Side / Dat Side (Split LP with Pillowcases) 2002
Where's The Beef? 2002
Isaac Jacobs & The Abrahams 2002
Who Cut The Cheese? 2002
Isaac Jacobs 2: Ima Run From Tha Cops, Foo! 2003
Drone EP 2004
Hit The Wall 2004
Isaac Jacobs 3: You Know You Want Me 2007

Albums We're Affiliated With
Dope Classics 2003
Chrismas Break 2003 2003
A Tribute To The Ramones 2004
Dope Classics II EP 2004

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