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Buy my Gazelle! The extraordinary car for the man (or woman)
who wants an exotic car without an exotic price tag!

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I'm offering for sale my prized “92 Gazelle”, a replica of the original 1929 Mercedes Gazelle roadster (aka - 29 SSK Gazelle replica). It looks cool, but remember it’s really a 1986 Chevette in disguise!

“Excellent”, “Like New”, “Very Fine” Condition!

Only 1,000 miles!

Some background information:

[1] My Gazelle replica was one of a few kits, which also included MG and Porsche roadsters, designed by Fiberfab, a company in business in the 1980’s in Minneapolis. They sold a large number of these kits, but eventually, around 1990, sold their kit car business. If you look at the website today, it is for a company that also works with molded fiberglass and chrome plated steel, but for the very mundane plumbing industry (shower stalls and tub enclosures..)

[2] The Gazelle replica kit car business was taken over from Fiberfab by Classic Motor Carriages of Miami, Florida. This was the company that made the actual parts from which my roadster was assembled.

[3] Classic Motor Carriages sold its interests in this business to MG Magic, Inc., 5666 Rodman Street, #6, Hollywood, FL 33023. Phone is (954) 680-2010 and e-mail is These people also receive “snail mail” at 5722 S. Flamingo Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33330. The first address comes from their business card, the second address from their latest e-mail to me, and is the address to which I mailed my check for a couple of parts. They also sent me a copy of their latest parts catalog for the Gazelle, which is pretty impressive. They know this car as a “29 SSK Gazelle replica”.

So the good news is that body parts and accessories are still available. As far as I know, nobody makes the full kit any more. This means that pricing has to be based on other comparable kit cars, and not on any new kits available today.

Even though Chevrolet no longer makes the Chevette (and nobody misses it…) engine, transmission and drive train parts are still easily available. My local mechanic had no problem replacing much of the cooling system (radiator, fan, water pump, etc.). while also fixing the design flaw that caused the original radiator, fan, etc. to fail. He said he would have no problem keeping this car running well for years. Many parts from compact GM cars still fit just fine, and junk yards are full of Chevettes (I wonder why…?) that can be stripped for parts.

Garaged in the Beautiful State of Rhode Island!


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