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September 2000

HoneyBear Kevin1 HoneyBear Kevin2
HoneyBear Kevin3 Keivn w/Daddy's Belt
Kevin and Geronimo Kevin playing mower
Kevin playing Mower 2 Kevin sleeping
Close-up w/Kevin Happy Kevin
Kevin w/Gloves 1 Kevin w/Gloves 2
Kevin w/Helmet Kevin and Rake

August 2000

Kevin and Phone Kevin and Lamb
Vacation Pics: Kevin Ready to Go Wondering where next?
In Hotel Kevin in Jail (Salem, MA)
Kevin in Jail #2 (Salem, MA) Kevin & Mama w/Boat (Mystic, CT)
Kevin & Mama w/Boat #2 (Mystic, CT) Happy Kevin
Kevin & Statue (Wash D.C.) Kevin in Zoo
Kevin Looking (cute) Kevin Pointing (cute)
Kevin in Plane Kevin & Mama touching Moon Rock
Kevin & Mama & motorcycle Kevin & Dada & Hare statue
Kevin, Dada & statue Kevin, Mama & Dog statue
Wash Cathedral Kevin, Dada & Cathedral
Kevin & Grandpa Happy Kevin
Kevin at Lunch Kevin plyaing with Socks
Kevin and Lamb Peeka-boo 1
Peeka-boo 2 Peeka-boo 3
Kevin Playing with Blocks1 Kevin Playing with Blocks2
Kevin Playing with Geronimo

July 2000

Kevin and Mama ready to Ride Peek-a-boo Kevin
Hi Everyone Just sitting here
Gotta tie those shoelaces More shoelaces
Ready to ride the BIG bike

January 2000

Kevin & Mommy on Dumbo Kevin & Eeyore
Kevin's Funnyface Kevin, Mommy & Monkey
Kevin Peekaboo Kevin, Daddy & Piglet
Kevin, Pluto & Goofy Kevin & Pluto
Sleepy Kevin & Pooh Kevin, Mommy & Tigger
Kevin & TweetleDee

December 1999

Kevin getting ready for Dinner Kevin Happy for Dinner
Kevin trying to Crawl Kevin sleeping w/Mommy
Kevin at the Mall #1 Kevin at the Mall #2

November 1999

Christmas Tree Kevin getting ready for Dinner
Kevin working with Mr. Fishie Happy Kevin playing with Mr. Fishie
Up Close and Happy Kevin and his new Clothes
Even Closer A Proud Kevin
Showing off New Sleepwear Stealing the Remote Control .. or chewie
Kevin Bouncing Kevin watching the Train
Kevin Playing w/Daddy's Shoes

October 1999

Daddy & Kevin in front of Tree Kevin & Daddy
Kevin & Daddy on Porch Kevin and a Red Rose
Daddy & Kevin again Kevin touching Red Rose
Halloween: Kevin Bee #1 Kevin Bee #2
Kevin Bee #3
Vacation - Texas
Kevin and Mommy
Kevin and Flowers Not Driving the Car Again!!
Is This Camera Working? Nice Flowers
Deja Vue They Smell Funny
Okay .. so they're flowers Huh?!?

September 1999

Peek-a-Boo Dad's Grandpa & Kevin
Dad's grandpa & Kevin Daddy & Kevin
Kevin Kevin's Car
Look at Me Again Dad's Grandma and Kevin
Daddy and Kevin Mommy's Drawing of Kevin

August 1999

Kevin feeding - aug 9 gap photo
Kevin in white Tweety Photo
Kevin, Humpty & Tigger Froggie
Froggie heart Look at me
I have my Bunny Where's my car
Kevin Playing - aug 31 Kevin in T-Shirt - aug 31
Kevin in Outfit - aug 31

July 1999

Kevin crying - july 3 BugSeat - july 3
Cool Kevin - july 6 Michelle & buddy Brian - july 13

June 1999

Kevin in seat Kevin in Seat 2
Kevin in Humpty Seat Sleeping Kevin & Dragon 1
Sleeping Kevin & Dragon 2

May 1999

Kevin and Dad's Mom - may 9 Mom's Grandpa & Kevin - may 10
Mommy & Kevin - may 10 Daddy & Kevin - may 12
Kevin - may 14 Kevin in Stroller - may 16
Kevin - may 24 Kevin - may 25

Still Pregnant (a)

Happy Mommy and Humpty a-03.jpg

Michelle with Humpty Anxiously Waiting a-02.jpg

Michelle in Hospital Room a-01.jpg

3 months pregnant pic 6 months pregnant pic