Photographic History of Tampa, Fl.


Bayshore Blvd. (Aug. 26, 1937) 


Bayshore Blvd. (Nov. 29, 2002)   


1001 Florida Ave. and Tyler
United Methodist Church
(unknown date)

Florida Ave. and Tyler
Methodist Church (Sept. 6, 2003)


Florida Ave. and Cass St., NE corner (1923) 

(unknown date)  



204 Cass St., near corner of Florida (unknown year)
Greyhound Bus Station

Former location of 204 Cass St., now Public Parking.
Sept. 6, 2003)


Federal Customs House & Sacred Heart Church
Florida Ave.
(unknown date) 

Old Federal Customs House and Sacred Heart Church
Florida Ave
, and Zack St., SE corner (Sept. 6, 2003)


Sacred Heart Church, Florida and Twiggs (unknown date)

Sacred Heart Church, Florida & Twiggs (2002)


Sacred Heart Church and Sacred Heart College
Florida Ave.
and Madison Ave.  (unknown date)

Sacred Heart and parking garage (9-3-2003)


Florida Ave. and Lafayette (unknown date)  
Tampa Terrace Hotel

Florida Ave. and Kennedy Blvd. (formerly Lafayette) 9-3-03   
Old Hotel Floridian in background of both pictures.


1000-800 block
Franklin St. (unknown date)

Franklin St. and Tyler Ave., SW corner (Sept. 6, 2003)


Franklin St. and Tyler, SE corner (unknown date)

Franklin St. and Tyler, SE corner (9-3-2003)


Franklin St. and Cass, NE corner (unknown date)

Franklin St. and Cass, NE corner (Sept. 6, 2003)


815 Franklin St. and Cass, Newberry Co.
(unknown date)

Franklin St. and Cass St., SE corner (Sept. 9, 2003)


looking south on Franklin St. from Cass
(unknown date) 

Franklin St. and Cass St.
corner (Nov. 29, 2002)


Oct. 3,1941

Florida Ave. and Polk St., NW corner (Sept. 6, 2003)


801 Franklin St. and Polk St, NE corner
(unknown date)

Franklin and Polk St., NE corner
Sept. 6, 2003)


Franklin St. and Zack St. (1929)

Franklin St. and Zack St., SE corner (Sept. 6, 2003)



Tampa St. and Cass St., Tampa Electric (1926)

Tampa St. and Cass St. parking lot, with TECO Energy (Tampa Electric) on Tampa St. and Polk St. (Sept. 3, 2003)


Curtis Hixon Hall (Aug. 13, 1976)   

Parking garage and the Tampa Museum of Art  (Nov. 29, 2002)
Former location of Curtis Hixon Hall 


Gasparilla Festival (1938)          

Gasparilla Festival (2002)



Lafayette St. Bridge into
Tampa (date unknown)

Kennedy Blvd. (formerly Lafayette) bridge into Tampa
Sept. 6, 2003)


Courthouse at
401 Franklin Street. City Hall in background. (1922)

Franklin and Madison St., Tampa Police Station, Lykes Gaslight Square, and Old City Hall in mid-background.  (Sept. 6, 2003)


Hillsborough County Courthouse at 419 Pierce St.
built 1952

Hillsborough County Courthouse
Sept. 3, 2003


1102 E. Scott St. and Lamar (1950)   

1102 E. Scott St. looking east (2002)



17th Ave. between 15th and 16th St. (1976)   

13th Ave. between 17th and 18th St. (2002)    


East Broadway (1950)

7th Ave. (formerly Broadway) at 15th St., Ybor City (2002)    


Ybor City residential area (1885)   

looking down
4th Ave. from 20th StYbor (2002)


Armenia Ave. looking south (unknown year)   

Armenia Ave. looking south toward Hyde Park (2002) 






Tampa, Florida 1909



Tampa, Florida 1913


Tampa, Florida 1921



Memorial Hwy. between
Tampa and Oldsmar, 1921

Memorial Hwy.,
Sept. 4, 2003


St., Oldsmar, Florida (1935)
*State St. photo credit :  

St., Oldsmar, Florida (2002)





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