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SWOPE 5 -Steve, Candy, Nate, Susie and Sammy.  Our kids are two year old triplets, born on January 31st of the year 2000 (last time the Rams won the Super Bowl).  Steve works outside the home and also has a ministry through "Crown Ministries" helping people free themselves of  financial bondage.  I pretty much stay at home with our kiddo's, but I am currently attending classes at Lincoln Land Community College.  Well, enough about the
parents, let's get to the stuff you guys really want to know about.

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is our happy go lucky boy, always laughing and getting into trouble.  He loves to play rough and will imitate just about anything you do. Nate can currently count to thirty and is working on his alphabet, shapes and colors.  At the last doctors visit he weighed 26 lbs and is 32 1/2" tall.

Susie is the first girl born in the Swope family in over 6 generations!  She prefers to play alone, but will play with the boys IF she can be the boss.  She loves to play with her dolls and stuffed toys and dress up for church on Sunday.  Susie is very laid back and pretty much knows how to do things but doesn't show off like the boys.  She has
always been the last one to do everything, but when she decides to do it, she just does it out of the blue!  At the last doctors visit she weighed 24 lbs. and is 32" tall.

Sammy is our little guy.  He is very creative, emotional and shy.  He is our musically inclined one (he must get that from his Uncle Chris).  He will play rough every once in awhile, but tends to get upset easily when he or someone else gets hurt.   He is currently learning his shapes and
colors.  At the last doctor's visit he weighed 21 lbs. and is 31 1/2" tall.

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