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The Challenge of College


††††††††††† College can be very challenging to the new student, but first and foremost itís very important to develop good study habits in order to make good grades.Many students were able to get by in High School without learning good study habits but most students in an academically challenging college will have to put forth more effort in order to maintain good student status.The intent of this Web page is to offer tips to the new student or the student that is currently struggling.Life at college can be the most enlightening and exciting years of your life if you are properly equipped to keep up with the demands of higher education.However, it can also prove to be disastrous to the unprepared student.A few key points outlined below can assist you as you embark on your college career.


Effective Listening


        Pay attention in class and take good notes.

        Some students find it beneficial to retype their notes.





        Set up a study schedule and stick to it.

        Pick a quiet place free from distraction to study.

        Take a break every hour and switch subjects often.

          Avoid cramming the night before a test.Rest is more important.

        Donít study all the time.Go to sporting events and other activities.You need an outlet to relieve stress.


Reading Assignments



      Always look at the summary section of the chapter before reading the material.

        Skim the chapter first, then read it a second time and make notes on the key points as you read.


Early Bird Ė Gets the worm



        Donít Procrastinate.Complete projects before they are due.



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