The Whiteheads
The family consists of

Steve is a chartered management accountant and chartered secretary working as a not for profit sector professional for the Transport Salaried Staff Association in London.

Jill is a senior consultant for the Institute of Public Finance working on best value initiatives, Quality Assurance and Marketing work, and is based in Croydon.

Nick is a first class honours graduate in Maths from UMIST . He works  in the finance department at Lambeth Council, after working on temporary contracts for two years.

Tim has now graduated MSci from Durham University.  He now works at IPF in Croydon on a temporary contract, but not in the same department as Jill

We have now lost both cats. Tweekie  died last year at 24 years old, Kitty died lthe year before at 22, and Tweekie is increasingly infirm and feeling her age.

We live in Sutton, in drought stricken Surrey and would love to hear from you.
Old Age pensioners, both now gone
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The Whiteheads
Name: Steve Whitehead