Welcome to whiteshoes.ca! Within these pages you will learn more about the man himself, a legend in the making, Stevie Whiteshoes. Who is Whiteshoes? Well if you don't already know then read on and find out what the phenomena is all about. Keep in mind though that the site is under construction. Be patient though cause there will be a lot to learn from this soccer field wonder...

08.21.05 - Well it has been 5 weeks now since the launch of Whiteshoes.ca and I must say the response has been great. With over 10,000 hits (more like 1,600) it seems as if we are doing what we set out to do, yes, give some entertainment for people who are bored at work. If you would like to see some changes or if you have any suggestions send us an email at webmaster@whiteshoes.ca

See below for the all new Stocks of the week pick from Whiteshoes. Although Whitehshoes has an amazing ability to pick stocks just remember that Whiteshoes and those here at Whiteshoes.ca are not responsible for any monies lost but feel free to donate if you make a bundle.

Part 3 of our 4 part series on tape is in. Check out the features section of the website.

The response has been overwhelming for our "ask a celebrity segment" so keep the emails coming. This weeks winner, Peter Lenis is from Scarborough Ontario and he asks...

"Dear Celebrity, how did you become friends with Whiteshoes? How can I?"


I am not friends with Whiteshoes. Whiteshoes has no friends. He cannot have friends as he has no equals. No peers. He is like Hercules, the God of Gods. That is of course if he was Greek (read Hellenic), which he is not. One cannot be so arrogant to approach Whiteshoes and strike up a conversation as if they were equals. Proper procedure must be followed, sacrifices must be offered, arrangements must be made. Then and only then, Whiteshoes will consider stealing your girlfriend.



If you wanna see your question here send us your question at celebrity@whiteshoes.ca and if you are lucky we will post it.

Music Single - My Love Is Systematic - Mark Romboy
Nightclub - Rocky Mountain High
Quote - "She's in pretty good shape for the shape she's in"
Stock - ACHI [OTC:BB]

08.11.05 - Features page has been updated.
08.03.05 - Features page has been updated. Some links fixed in the links page.
07.26.05 - whiteshoes.ca goes live. The site is still under construction so be patient (ladies). We are getting there! Enjoy.
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