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greetings visitor... grateful to have you here... well , try make yourselves as comfortable as possible... Do let's me know what you feel about this website... all comments / suggestions should go into the forum...

Thank! ^_^


old files dec2005
a week before CNY
it's have been long i did not write my bulletin since my last post about three weeks ago...
well, i have been very busy for these few weeks
rushing on assignments...
although this semester full with holidays ( that the good news ),
but on the bad side, when come to assignments , 
rushing on the assignments is driving me crazy!!!!
well, thankfully my group members ( in the assignments)
are really supportive and committed (that what i'm happy bout)
but the journey is still long...... damn long
still got CE II , hubungan etnik , multipen's courseware to rush....
the coming day gonna be really really busy and stress....
but all these can handle it later....
cos CNY is around the corner....
^_^ ... and THAT's ROCKS!!!!!

[22-01-2006 ] || posted by raff85 @ 7.39pm

New Year 2006
today is 2nd January 2006
not so late to say Happy New Year to all out there
My family, my friends and those who know me...
In less than a month time,
We gonna celebrate CNY...
Haha... I'm gonna back home soon
Just after a week in UPSI
i start missing home...
no wonder my mum always say i'm a little boy
I got my sem 1's result last tuesday
Honestly, i'm quite satisfy with the result
I deserved it
What am i gonna do in this semester is
do better than last semester!
and once again , i would like to wish you all

[02-01-2006 ] || posted by raff85 @ 10.54pm

Back to Campus
in a few hours time... i will be on my back to UPSI
9.30pm bus in Tanah Merah
Uni re-open...
Sem 2 Session 2005/2006
With a brand new subjects and new lecturers...
and a brand new challenges...
the subjects are expected to be more tough than the previous ones...
but i am sure i can go through it
as long as i has belief in myself and work hard to achieve it
don't get wrong... maybe that's sound like a little bit arrogant
but no matter what i will keep my word
I will do the BEST in this semester!!!
and in the coming semester...!!!!
At the moment,
my sem 1 final exam's result keep playing in my mind
I can't access to UPSI's website...
the server maybe busy cos of many requests to access the website...
probably i will know my exam two days time...

[24-12-2005 ] || posted by raff85 @ 2.46pm

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