Stevie's Journal

I have met with PUAs and ASFers from the international gaming community.

I have met / sarged with
Papa, Sickboy,  Style, Mystery, Tyler Durden, Ross Jeffries, Veroxii, Twentysix, Stripped,  Ryobi, Ace of Hearts, Jazz PUA, Get Some, Magnet, Rubber, Ace, Sandman, Prince Aquasky, Magnus, Cascade, Merovingian, Hudds, Recoil, Jet Tiger amongst others. Meeting other PUAs has helped my game a lot. I've spoken with a lot of guys around the world, including  Zarathustra, Thundercat, Coolwater, Dr Owl, Atila.

I hope to meet more in the future, so if you guys are into some real world sarging get in touch by

Looking back on my journey, I see that my game was, from an early age, naturally good in some areas but not in others. It took getting into the community to achieve the direction and control I wanted.

Random Success
I had random successes over the years, then got sucked into a relationship with a Scandinavian HB which lasted for almost 4 years.

I didn't realise it, but I'd become SOFT, UNDER THE THUMB, MANIPULATED, A SUPPLICATOR, and as we know, these are classic symptoms of ONEITIS.

So, when she decided to move on (in part due to my neediness I think, looking back on it now), I was a broken man. Because my only option had collapsed I was left with nothing and had few skills to turn things around. My world seemed empty.

Never again, I promised myself, would I let this happen. I bought the Speed Seduction Home Study Course, I began studying ASF in earnest. A new dawn had broken in my life.

That was all years ago and now I am a totally different person. All that hard work and study is paying off and I am able to predictably attract HBs regularly.

I have had a series of international FBs and partners since I got into the game - girls from Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Scotland, Poland, France, Sweden, England, USA, Taiwan, and Australia.

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