* These pictures were taken back in the day, around 4 or 5 years ago at Varibobi High School, which is located in Athens, Greece.

Picture 1 - John Cassimis, Amber Theodoratou, and George Houvardas.
Picture 2 - George Houvardas, Mary Lebesis, and Georgia Raptis.
Picture 3 - John Cassimis, Dean Tsioris, George Houvardas, and John Marinakis.
Picture 4 - Nick Kattos, George Nicopoulos, and John Cassimis.
Picture 5 - Hercules, Ahmed, Theo Cassimis, George Houvardas, and Nick Horafopoulos.
Picture 6 - John Cassimis, George Nicopoulos, Lina, and dat fat fuck Ari Papafatso.
Picture 7 - George Lebesis, John Cassimis, and Theo Cassimis.
Picture 8 - John Cassimis bitch-slappin Nick Kattos' ass.
Picture 9 - George Nicopoulos and John Cassimis.
Picture 10 - George Houvardas, Sofia Alagiou, and otherz.
Picture 11 - Nick Horafopoulos, and George Lebesis.

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