Welp, my new obsession is the band Strangers with Candy aka Driver. They kick ass!! You might have seen them on Mtv's Cover Band Contest They have a dope CD out "no need" You gotta go to their site and buy it!

Here's their official site:

Sorry but the page is no longer up...

The band are as follows:

Nick Coyle is 23 and does the vocals. He's got a girlfriend =(

Aaron Fincke plays lead guitar and he's 22. Single.

Mark Klepaski is the bass player and he's 24. Taken.

Chris Lightcap plays drums and he just turned 23. Taken.

Tony Kruszka A.K.A DJ Worm, is 23.

Coming from the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area, the band formed in the spring of 1999, adding DJ Worm five months later. The band got the name "Strangers With Candy" from some girl at a party. The band claims that they aren't a cover band, but they do cover songs to make money. The band's CD, No Need came out in March and includes original songs by the band. They were recently signed with Universal Records and will go to California to record a new album, which will be released next year. They are possibly going to change their name to Driver because of conflicts with the TV show.

Strangers With Candy cover songs by:

Tool, A-Ha, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cypress Hill, Sublime, Coal Chamber, Rage Against the Machine, House of Pain, and others.

Click here for some pictures of the cuties!

Click here for the lyrics to their debut album "no need"


"I kind of wormed my way into the band. That's how I got my name ... DJ Worm." -DJ Worm

"As far as playing out goes, since the first time I ever performed with a band, I just loved it. When you enjoy it so much and don't get out to play for a week or two, you miss it a lot." - Nick

"This kind of music is really where our hearts are at. We listen to the music, anyway." - Mark

"Anyway, it's not all like that. We cover some Menudo, too." - Chris

"Do you want us to pose like the Backstreet Boys?" -Aaron

"We've actually been told to change the music around and to change our style and start playing the lighter stuff to draw more people. But I think that us not changing anything with our style is why people want to see us play." - DJ Worm

"They really did treat us real good. We stayed in a nice hotel and really treated us like rock stars. They stuffed us with food and gave us tons of bottled water. Everyone on the MTV crew was real cool to work with." - Nick

"The whole time we were at MTV, we stressed that we were an original band and that we just happen to play covers to make money. We play them well, but we're an original act." - Mark

"(the MTV Cover Band Battle was) Definitely different than playing your own show." - Aaron

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