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Last updated on 2/26/07
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I was born in June of 1966, and grew up in St. Louis MO., in the west end of St. Louis.  I went to Bethel Lutheran Grade school and Lutheran north high school.  I graduated from high school in 1984. Now Iím taking classes at Forest Park Community College, for computers.  Iím going for papers in Web design, Networking, and Programming.  Programming being the newest in the list.  That way I can make the WebPages, set up the network and if some small specialty program is needed I can write it.  Iím hoping to start my own consulting company.  Not waiting till I get out of school though. Iím looking to build web sites now.  I just need a low cost way to get the word out.
Working at Clems on the weekends and going to school during the week.  Working at a bar can be a bit much at times.  Iím on the probation for a DUI.  Thatís up next month.  Then I donít have to be so worried about spending time in the bar.  If Iím there more than likely Iím going to drink.   Donít want to get caught a second time so, itís best for me not to be there.  Thatís why Iím trying to find things to do out side of bars.
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Well these days you can find out what is going on with me by checking out my blog.  I try to write in it at lest once a week.  I was having a litte problem with my intreies not getting to he site.  I've fixed it.  Check back often to get updates.   You can find it by clicking on the 360 link below.
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Feel free to drop me an email and say hi.  All ways open to meeting new people. 
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If you have any sugestions for my favorite's list, let me know.  I would love to add to the list, just don't know what to add.
Check out my Yahoo group, Males 101.
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a few of my favorite things. 
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