One mile marker at a time, one pedal stroke at a time

This is the home page for brevet cycling in the Greater St. Louis Missouri area. Anyone with an interest in long distance, self supported cycling is welcome to join us for these rides. The St. Louis area brevets are sponsored by the St. Louis Cycling Club.

What is a brevet?
Brevets are long distance, self supported rides. Riders are provided with cue sheets showing the route and brevet cards at the start of each ride. Riders must follow the route EXACTLY and get to each checkpoint on time. If you should get off course, you must return to the route where you got off track. You must ride the route exactly as it appears on the cue sheet. Anyone observed taking shortcuts from the official route will be disqualified, but there is no penalty for detours such as unforeseen road construction, flooding or traffic accidents.

The St. Louis series uses gas stations, quickie marts and general stores located along the routes as checkpoints or control points. You will need to present your card to an employee who will initial your card and mark your time of passage. As we make use of stores, please purchase some food and/or water if using their bathrooms. At the final control, you sign your card marking it with the final arrival time, sign your name to the check-in list along with your time of arrival, and leave your completed brevet card in the bin. The event results are forwarded to our national organization, Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and to the international governing body Audax Club Parisien (ACP). Preliminary results may also be posted on this web site after they have been submitted. RUSA members can check the status of their results at the RUSA website and selecting the results page.

The rides are held rain or shine. Bring adequate clothing for variable weather conditions. Brevets are long events and the weather might change a great deal before reaching the finish.

Brevets are not races, but each rider must reach ALL checkpoints on time so as not to be disqualified. Riders can stop and rest anytime, but the clock is always running. The overall minimum pace on brevets is about 15 kilometers per hour (9.25 mph); the maximum pace allowed is 33 kph (20.5 mph).