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The world as you know it, is not quiet as it seems.  All those things you had nightmares about as a child... they are real... 
They say that ignorance is bliss, if your nightmares scared you might wish to return to your blissful state...

In the city of St. Louis - Missouri the Supreme Court granted the Undead Equal Rights. 
Vampires, Zombies, Ghouls and Were-Creatures are just a few of the races that walk the streets here.

To enter further into this site, will be letting yourself into the world of Anita Blake, Necromancer and Vampire Slayer extraordinaire.
Everything you see here will be based around the Novels by Laurell K. Hamilton, and will contain Sex, Blood, Guns, Violence, Monsters and so on.  Don't let your imagination limit you.  For it is here where nearly anything is possible.

 This site WILL contain: nudity, Swearing, Violence, Gruesome Graphics and Tales.
You have been Warned!


Come let us walk along the Riverfront