St.Louis Masters

Inside you will find all of the information you need relating to this
year's golf tournment (2006).  You will find the past winners, past locations, and all past  scores under the HISTORY section.  If you want to know your St. Louis  Masters' handicap* click on the HANDICAP button.  You will find all
of the current information on this years event, including but not limited to, the
location, the participants, and prizes under 9TH ANNUAL.

    Most importantly, I have put together some information relating to  Cystic
Fibrosis on the page entitled CHARITY.  Similar to last year, I am asking each of you to make a voluntary contributions to this foundation.  Rather than charge you extra and make the donations myself, it makes sense for you to make it on your own and get the deduction.  Please consider helping out this wonderful foundation.

    If this is your first year playing in the tournament, and you have an official USGA handicap, then let me know.  It will allow you to have a handicapped score in the tournmanet.  I reserve the right to question the handicap. 
* The handicap for this tournament is determined under the same formula that is used to determine a U.S.G.A. handicap.  However, the handicap for this tournament is not an official U.S.G.A. handicap and this tournament is not authorized or sanctioned by the U.S.G.A.