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Mighty Hails!

This site will be undergoing a LONG and timely process of changes and updates. I hope to create an accurate and thorough website containing info surrounding St. Louis' underground, consisting of (primarily) metal, hardcore, punk, industrial, etc. Consisting of updated links to local bands, stores, distros, venues, radio, & publications, as well as metal links on a worldwide level.

St. Louis' Metal Scene


For info on:

Upcoming/Current Events ~ News

Local Bands ~ Unholy Servants

Local Underground Radio ~ Furious Frequencies

Local Publications ~ Scrolls of The Dead

Local Distros ~ Merchants ov Mayhem

Local Record Stores~ Permanent Peddlers

Local Venues ~ Dungeons of Doom

The reason for not making this an exclusive Metal site is due to the fact that the Majority of those living in this state of Misery, I mean Missouri, really have no grasp of Extreme Music. Ya think that Jim Carey may have opened an eye or a few million by requesting an extreme metal act, Cannibal Corpse, to play a role in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. On the contrary, about more then 90% of the population in the St. Louis area have NO CLUE as to who or what Cannibal Corpse is!.

Getting to the point.... I figured if I put together a site that has a lil something for anyone/everyone and possibly spark a curious interest in those that are not aware of what lies beneath. A 1/2 step in the doorway is better then standing outside. Several years ago I was completely oblivious to the Underground/Extreme Music scene. It's hard for people to understand something they have no comprehension of.