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I am a 41 year old artist, art educator, art gallery director, part-time writer and full-time bibliophile living in the Greater Cleveland (Ohio) area. I recieved my education in art from the Cleveland Institute of Art and that in education from Cleveland State University. As an art educator I am employed teaching art to elementary students in the public schools. As an artist, I maintain a large studio in downtown Cleveland which I share with 3 other artists. My art work has ranged from realistic to abstract paintings in oil, through woodblock prints, assemblage and collage. My current work is focused upon my obsessions with books and literature and utilizes text, imagery and materials collaged or assembled on a generally small scale.
  Although my own creative outlet is generally limited to the visual arts (with a few attempts at venturing into writing... generally about art) my first love (my wife would say "obsession") has always been books. The walls of my home are all lined with book shelves. Nearly every room boasts of towering stacks of books which often spill out onto the floors making navagation a real challenge. The scale of my personal collection is such that it can only be refered to as a "library." This library, as might be expected, boasts of a sizable collection of art books... but the heart of my collection is an in-depth collection of Western literature in every genre imaginable: novels and novellas, short stories and other short fiction, poetry, histories, essays, criticism, philosophy, etc...
  Beyond my obsession with books and art I am a great fan (as in "fanatic") of classical music and jazz).
In New York
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