Happy Summer!

Congratulations to all of our Lamar Survivors!

Lamar University Canterbury

Top 10 Reasons to be in Canterbury:

10. Laughing together between classes
9. Monday Night Fellowship in the back
8. A place to study during Finals
7. Watching Jeremy's hair get bigger
6. Always someone to talk to
5. Morning Prayer before exams
4. Free Spanish lessons at Bi-lingual Services
3. Serivce oppurtunities in every way
2. Wednesday meals after Eucharist
1. God's love for you

Canterbury Anouncements

New-Student Orientations

New Students:
Call St. Matt's if you need dates and
times. It is a day well spent.

Returning Students:
Help is needed at Orientation and other events for students this summer. Please tell Jeremy if you can help.


Spotlight Program for March:



Prayer Requests:

Tricia Anderud

Zoe Ann Hinds

have more prayer requests?
Send them to us


Daily Oppurtunities

Special Events


2:30 Community of Hope service @ Calder Woods
4:30 Music Practice

June 3rd- 6:00pm Bilingual Holy communion
------------------------Fr. Heber Papini, Celebrant
----------------1st Sunday - Covered Dish Supper
June 10th - 6:00pm Evening Prayer
June 17th - 6:00pm Taize Service
June 24th - 6:00pm Evening Prayer


8:30 am - Morning Prayer
4:00 pm - After-School Youth Computer Program
6:00 pm - Canterbury Open House
Summer: Movie Nights
(Click here for schedule)


8:30 am - Morning Prayer
4:00pm - Community of Hope


8:30 am - Morning Prayer
12:30 pm - Holy Eucharist, followed by lunch
2:30 pm - Prison Ministry
4:00 pm - St. Matt's Episcopal Youth Community


8:30 am - Morning Prayer
6:00 pm - Worship Commitee
(2nd Thursday)


8:30 am - Morning Prayer
12:15 pm - Barnabas Group
4:00 pm After-School Youth Outreach Program