Mission Statement

Pumper 101

CPR Saves Lives!
Learn the facts on CPR and where you can getting training for this important lifesaving skill by clicking HERE.

Tanker 102

Here is our training program as well as some of our drills and some of the different ways we train. Click HERE

Tanker 103

Fire Dept Sayings
Here is a list of some of our more memorable Fire Dept related sayings, If there are others you would like to see here, just email Me

 Rescue Van 104

Fire Calls
Here is a few pictures of some of our most recent and/or memorable calls.

Forestry Truck 105

How Yarker came to be



Fire Department History coming soon

Fireman's Prayer

The Plan

Training Downloads

Home smoke alarms

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Fire Fighter's Wife Prayer

A Firefighters Gloves





Show me a Volunteer...

A Firefighters Pledge


Our Pictures

OFM Course Pics


I wish you could..

A Firemanís Mom





 The Last Alarm


The purpose of flashing green lights is to help other drivers recognize a firefighter en-route to an emergency please be courteous and please yield the right-of-way 

 To a Volunteerís Lady

Why are you a Fire Fighter


Yarker Station Paged

 Current Fire Conditions

Click on the danger scale for info on burning.


Why you should not use a burn barrel

  Home Smoke Alarms


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning










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