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Terms of Use

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Copyright/Permission to Reproduce

The Yarker Fire Department Internet site (http://ca.oocities.com/stmfdyfs/index.html) is intended for providing users with information about the Yarker Fire Department and is the sole property of The Yarker Fire Department.

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If the End User chooses to use information from the Internet site, we require that:
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      Source: Yarker Fire Departmentís Internet Site, full URL of source pages, and date of extraction.

The Yarker Fire Department requests notification prior to a web site link being included on a third party Internet site. Such notification does not imply a reciprocal link to the requesting site.

The Yarker Fire Department does not claim ownership of any feedback or questions that are submitted. However, by posting these submissions you are granting the Yarker Fire Department permission to use your submission in connection with their Internet page. The Yarker Fire Department will not pay any commission in respect to your submission. We hold the right to decide which submissions will be published on the site and at any time can remove submissions.

Linking Considerations

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The materials and services provided by this Internet site are provided ďas isĒ. The Yarker Fire Department may make changes to this Internet site at any time without notice.

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Though the Yarker Fire Department endeavors to maintain current and correct information, this Internet site could contain mistakes, be it mechanical, technical, or typographical. The Yarker Fire Department assumes no responsibility for damages of any kind for the use of, or reliance on, the information and material contained on this Internet site. End Users are encouraged to contact the Yarker Fire Department to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by the Yarker Fire Department.

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