Tonight I face death, staring into his eyes.
"Excuse me, I have a child to save."
He just looks at me and replies
"Not tonight pal, tonight you are my slave."

Death points to a corner,
The flames flare up and sing.
Rolling across the ceiling
I can feel the heat they bring.

My brother spanks the fire,
With a quick and mighty squirt.
I forge ahead with great desire,
The steam - it does not hurt.

I am listening for the lost boy,
I know he is nearby.
His life outweighs the consequence
This child, he will not die.

Death is trying to make a deal,
He reminds me of my wife.
He says "Tonight you'll give me the boy,
And I will spare your life".

I told him "I don't have time tonight"
He said "It's not your call".
"I am going to find this child alive", I said
"Tonight we will not fall."

Death is looking worried
He knows I'm getting close.
He flares the fire up again
And turns the heat to roast.

My partner knocks it down again,
That I my continue on.
I hear a whimper in the dark,
The battle is almost won.

I have the child in my arms,
He's looking scared and pale.
Now Death is getting really pissed,
And it's time for us to bail.

My partner knocks the fire back,
Tries to keep the Demon at bay.
With a mighty blow Death takes the stairs
And shouts "You'll not leave this way !"

I retreat back to the bedroom,
Through the black and lingering smoke.
Searching for a window; found it !
With my axe it has been broke.

I call out to my comrades,
"A ladder, bring it quick !"
Death screams out "You'll lose !"
And my ass he tries to kick.

The boy is passed to safety,
His parents relieve their fright.
My brother and I grab the hose,
Now the Demon we fight.

My partner, he puts the fire out
We radioed for overhaul.
I curse that bastard Death and shout
"I'll be back for you next call !"


-- Rich Bliven