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Welcome to Star Tac Music Studios, were you can listen to music composed by me, Charles Kelly.

Total Number of Midis 4

Total Number of MP3s 2



Some improvments have been made to the site, hear and there.

The MP3 file 'The Sphere' is now being hosted by St Michael's school which means it can be presented in 128kbs and will not suffer from any distortion that lower quality MP3s suffer from. Download it from the Download Section.

There will be some more midis uploaded tomorrow which should double the availabe midi downloads.


Due to problems with Geocities having a file upload limit of 5mb, the mp3 named 'The Sphere' is 112kbs instead of 128kbs. If FTP was available, the file would be 128kbs as the maximum space available is 15mb. Also, TMC Online has changed it's web site, read about it in the links section.


The site has now been launched! Check out the downloads section to download five pieces of music written by me.